All Processes Completed In House

Your job can flow down our shop from engineering to shipping without leaving our facility.

Worldwide Shipping

We have expanded our reach to five countries and are excited to build business relationships with companies all over the world.

MeiTrack Monitoring

Every process is meticulously scanned and tracked as jobs move down the manufacturing process. You can call any time during our normal business hours and get a real time report on your project's progress.

100's of Materials

To facilitate the fastest turn times in the industry, it's imperative that we keep hundreds of types of hardware and raw materials in stock. If we don't have the proper materials required, we can often get them in one day.

Live Chat

Have any questions? You may enter our live chat room with our customer service representatives or our engineers. Please feel free to stick around. We're here to help.

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Google Business View

Walk through our facility using Google business view.
Please note Business View is 2180 days old.
We've updated a lot since then!

Google Business View

Walk through our facility using Google business view.
Please note Business View is 2180 days old.
We've updated a lot since then!

Features List


Our engineers use and maintain the most up to date version of the following software:

  • SolidWorks 2018
  • MetalSoft Fabriwin 11
  • MetalSoft Intellinest
  • AutoCAD
  • Pro-E
  • Bend Com
  • Bend Cam

Laser/Turret Cells

Our Pulsar can cut 0.500" thick steel, our Vipros Queen can punch at 520 hits/min, and our LC-C1 laser/turret combo taps and countersinks, as well as utilizes a vacuum table allowing it to punch holes 50% smaller than standard turrets. We're ready to take whatever you can throw at us.

  • 4000 Watt Fiber Optic Laser
  • Amada Pulsar 2415
  • Amada LC-C1 Laser/Turret (2x)


  • HDS 1303 10' 140ton 8axis
  • FBD-8025 10' 140ton 8axis
  • FBD-8025 8' 80ton 8axis
  • RGM2 8024 8' 80ton 3axis
  • RGM2 5020 6' 60ton 3axis
  • RG-80 8' 80ton 3axis
  • CNC Guifil 10' 110ton
  • CNC Guifil 8' 110ton
  • CNC Guifil 6' 66ton


We keep hundreds of types of hardware in stock, including some specialty types.

  • 80 KVA Programmable Amada Spot Welder
  • 30 KVA Spot Welder
  • 100 Amp SP100 Lincoln Mig
  • 250 Amp Miller Synchrowave (2x)
  • 300 Amp ES-AB Tig

Paint/Powder Coat

We keep over 50 types of paint and powder coat in stock.

  • RoHS Compliant
  • TGIC Free
  • Wet Spray Paint Booth
  • Powder Coat Booth
  • 12' x 12' Baking Oven


  • 3 Stage Iron Phosphate Washer
  • RoHS Compliant Black Anodize
  • RoHS Compliant Clear Anodize
  • RoHS Compliant Clear Chromate
  • Gold Chromate

Silk Screening

We offer silk screening and part marking as well. We keep custom screens for a period of 5 years to avoid the cost of creating the screen on repeat orders.

  • Silk Screening
  • Indelible Ink Part Marking
  • Laser Etch Part Marking
  • Laser Engraving Artwork

Quality Control

Prototek guarantees quality. From raw material inspection to delivery of the completed product, our quality department oversees every stage of production. Prototek conforms to exacting standards as outlined in client-vendor certification programs.

  • Mitutoyo CMM 706
  • Fowler F14-A Comparator

Located in Contoocook, NH

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Engineering and Assembly

We offer engineering services to aid in the development of your project. Our engineers will help you every step of the way to achieve your goal.
Most commonly all processes can be completed in house, including full project assembly.
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